Saturday, July 14, 2007

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

Well, as you can tell from the pictures, Russell loves toothpaste- and toothbrushes. He races into our ensuite bathroom in the morning to grab our toothbrushes and then reaches for the Colgate. He tries to 'put' toothpaste on the brush but thankfully, he can't open the cap yet. At bedtime, we sit him up on the sink and put a little paste on his brush and we brush with another toothbrush. He'd eat the Colgate if he could!


Glenn+Jenn+Owen said...

That is SO cute! Love the photos! Russell needs to teach Owen that toothbrushing is fun, as opposed to our daily wrestling match to get him to open his mouth!

April said...

Hillary, He is so cute! At least you know, you won't have to put silver teeth in his mouth because he can't stand the toothbrush/paste!