Sunday, September 16, 2007

5 Years + 2 Days

Yes, we have hit the 5-year mark! Some days it seems like we have been married for a long time (in a good way, considering all that has happened) and some days, it seems only like yesterday. This picture above was taken in England in the summer of 2004. We don't have any wedding pictures on our computer since our hard-drive (literally) blew up in early 2004. Thankfully for the wedding pictures, we bought the negatives from our photographer, plus we have the large album.

What has happened since September 14, 2002?
-finished immigration papers (June 2002- spring 2004)
-survived the Navy life- many weeks/months apart but nethertheless, we are stronger for it
-enjoyed most of the So. Cal. cities and areas during time off (Santa Barbara to Palm Springs)
-road trip around AZ, NM, CO, NV, and CA in 2003
-trip to U.K in 2004
-flooded apartment in San Diego the month before we moved to the Bay area.
-moved to the Bay in November 2004. Lived in a hotel suite for four months.
-moved to 'Crazy House' for 6 months. Got out of there ASAP.
-moved to current apartment, which we love
-had Russell in Jan '06
-in Russ' first year of life, he had six trips via the airlines (Oregon x2, B.C., AZ, D.C., and CO).

So, here is to another five years (Russell will then be in first grade!!), and many more:-)


Anonymous said...

Dan and Hillary - Congratulations! I'm glad you guys got to celebrate and look back on all that you have shared! Jenn

April said...

Awww! I forgot to call you! =( I'm so sorry. I wanted to wish you Happy Anniversary! How exciting! God's precious love and blessings on you both! I love you!