Monday, September 10, 2007

The fall TV lineup

This fall's new shows have begun already. I sat down this morning to watch Martha Stewart at the 11am timeslot and instead, the news was on. Hmm. So much for my daily housekeeping tips. I just found out that she was moved to the 1pm timeslot. Later this afternoon, I turned on NBC to find that Ellen had moved from 4pm to 2pm, but all's well that ends well because Oprah was still on at 4pm. Whew. The interview with David Letterman was very funny. (I really don't watch all these shows on one given day, but since Russell has a runny nose, we didn't go to any playgroups or other outings today.)

My favorite one-season-per-year show, though, is The Biggest Loser. It is not that I like to see the men taking off their shirts at the weigh-ins but the fact that watching the contestants struggle through the exercise regimes inspires me to keep active as well. Russell and I take our daily walks to the park but that does nothing for my upper-body strength. The trainer named Bob is my favorite because he doesn't seem mean like the women trainers but still pushes his team to succeed. I do feel guilty, though, when Dan (yes, he watches it too!) and I are watching and eating popcorn or ice cream.

The show also promotes healthy eating and offers good suggestions for tasty meals. I find it hard to integrate the quantity of veggies we are supposed to eat on a daily basis into our diets and the recipes are helpful (see TBL book).

On a side note, The Biggest Loser has had two couples get married (after the seasons end) in three seasons. If I recall correctly, that is a much higher percentage than The Bachelor/The Bachelorette! I suppose since TBL couples see each other at their lowest point emotionally, the stress and reality of the weight loss experience bond them. You won't see that on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette! A serious congrats to these couples.

Anyway, here's to another season of shows that won't last until Christmas because of their content- or lack thereof! Happy watching.

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