Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Julie's baby shower- Saturday, Sept. 8th.

Well, this is a few days overdue but four of us gals from church hosted Julie's baby shower on Saturday. We went with a Hawai'ian theme and it was a fun time. Cara bought miniature plastic ducks dressed in beach outfits for the favors and did the fruit platters. Ann (see side for blog) cooked up some teriyaki chicken (I didn't think it was dry!) and dumplings, and brought some fun beach music on her iPod, and I made the cake and bought the tiki torches and macademian nuts. Since the other Anne lent us her house, she did the drinks and bought the pineapples.

The four of us and Julie: Hillary, Cara, Julie (36weeks), Ann and Anne with young Grace (10months).

I can't remember who suggested this idea, but I really liked it. Ann and I bought baby outfits and strung them up as decor. Julie later took the outfits home with her as a gift.

Yummy desserts: Cara's lemon bars and my six-layer coconut cake (see Martha Stewart for the recipe). The cake was so good but everyone only had a tiny wedge since it was so tall. Thankfully, most ladies took a piece home so their wasn't much left over!


Cass said...

Looks like it was alot of fun, Hillary! --- and great job everyone on the decor!

(I can well imagine the cake was good...
... I'm making Martha's White Cake with Lemon Frosting for Sam's birthday on Friday. We've had a few times before and is one of our very mostest favorites! yum.)

melissa said...

wow Hillary, you sure are the bakerette. 6 layers is must have lots of patience for that task!

april said...

I think I will fly you to my place for my next birthday so that you can make me a yummy cake like that one =) I know I wish too! Yummy!