Thursday, April 24, 2008

Travelling Direct

1. Buying new DVD for plane trip = $13
2. Buying airfare to Grandma's house = $350
3. Travelling direct from SFO to Victoria = Priceless

Although the airlines have been getting bad press lately, I am ecstatic over the fact that United is now flying direct between San Francisco and Victoria. The headache for years has been navigating through SEA (not difficult, but time consuming) and doing customs (only the dying/dead are allowed to use the elevators to travel up from the basement- no joking!).

Hopefully, those days are over permanently! I will gladly pay more for direct flights, especially since amusing a 2 yr-old for 4-5 hours aboard an airplane or in an airport is not on my top 10 (or 100) 'fun things to do' list. I think I'm going to write United a thank-you note.

***UPDATE: Russell and I will be coming up on Saturday, July 19th and leaving on Sunday, July 27th. Dan will likely be in Austin again that week.***


melissa said...

Well that's awesome for you two. When you leaving? Is Dan going too?

Tanya said...

Isn't that awesome! I wish we could get direct between here and Melita (MB where my Mum lives) but it is always 4 hours on a plane and often stopovers. Are you coming back up here soon?? :)

Kevin, Jennifer & Hana Norman said...

That is great news about the direct flight! Great excuse for you to get up there more!

Cass said...

ooh, we're just going to miss you! we'll be arriving on the Island on the 27th, I think!

but have a wonderful time 'back home' ... your parents will love having you there!