Sunday, April 06, 2008

Summer Must Be Coming

This picture doesn't do these two XXL-strawberries any justice. The middle strawberry is your average, store-bought-sized berry. The other two must have been raised on steriods. I bought a 4-lb container of fresh berries two days ago. I put half of them in the fridge and froze the rest, since they are starting to 'expire' already. Most of the container had the XXL-sized berry. Yummy. They are so tasty with homemade granola mixed with vanilla yogurt in the morning.

In other news, Dan has gone to Texas for the week. We dropped him off this afternoon and he gets back on Friday night. I would have loved to gone with him to see my old Texas camp and friends in Austin and Houston. Maybe that is an idea for another girls' weekend someday. I was out there in the fall of 2003 when Dan was on his longest deployment. Hmm... we could afford a house there!!


Laura said...

What is Dan doing in Texas?
Visiting or business?

Hillary said...

Dan's at a work conference/class. He got into Austin about midnight last night so I haven't talked to him yet.

Anonymous said...

I'd go to Texas :) I'm sorry that I haven't called you back yet :( ~April