Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Growing Boy

I recently bought Russell some new summer PJ's after hearing the forecast for 80F weather. Sure glad I did! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were up to 86F. Not bad for April! It is back to normal today, cool because of the wind.

Russell seems to have hit a little growth spurt. Even Dan commented that he looked bigger after a week of being gone. His 18-24m clothing is too short and he is well into 2T/3T, depending on the clothing brand (Circo fits small). I've bought most of R's clothes from the thrift store for the last 1 1/2 years, so to spend $13 on a double-set of pj's seemed a little much, but even R needs new clothes once in a while;-)

Pictured above: after bath time.


Tanya said...

Russell looks so cute in his new PJ's! We love shorts for summer too. I'm amazed by your weather!! Ours has been crazy...they're predicting snow showers for Saturday!
Enjoy the week and glad Dan is home :) Take care xo

april said...

I just want to kiss his baby cheeks!

Aly said...

He is getting so big! I can't believe he can wear 3T. He is really darling and I can tell her keeps you busy with that mischief written all over his face. :)

That weather is crazy! It was just nice to have the sun shining here over the weekend. After a long, cold winter, the sun felt amazing. Have fun in the sun!!