Monday, July 28, 2008

8 Days in B.C.

Russell and I arrived in Victoria on Saturday, the 19th. Russell did great in the airport and on the flight but decided to run away from me once I got to the customs/immigration desk in Victoria. It was our turn to be processed and I had to dash and catch Russell while the other 60+ passengers waited and watched. When I grabbed him, he decided to go limp and if it wasn't a public forum, a definite spanking would have been in order! My dad and sister Brittany picked us up and we had a family lunch at Grandma's house.
The rest of the week we spent at my parents' home and visited Grandma twice to make sure she got her 'fill' of Russell. Grandma loved to hear him talk and play in her house. Not too hard to impress her with his cute smile!
My parents took us to a little beach in Mill Bay for three mornings in a row. Russell loved to throw rocks in the water and he fussed when we left. Glad he loves the ocean!

On Friday evening, Candice and Brittany and my parents and R and I went out to dinner in Cowichan Bay. There is a very nice seafood restaurant that my family frequents on special occasions. Afterwards, we took a walk on the pier but Russell had a hard time because I insisted I hold his hand because the guardrails wouldn't 'guard' anything. Very independant child.

On a last-minute whim, my friend Wendi (center) flew out to the Island from Calgary on Friday. We haven't seen each other since my wedding, almost six years ago. My friend Kelly stopped by from working at the local summer camp. I last saw her about 1.5 years ago. The three of us were raised in the same church and we have some great memories together. Our visit was short but so nice!

On Saturday afternoon, Brittany took Russell and I back to Victoria to spend a night with Grandma before leaving the next day. When we did have to leave, Russell ran into the sunroom and sat on the sofa. It was a perfect moment to get a picture of Grandma and Russell together. I know each time we visit may be the last time so I try to take some pictures. Russell will never remember how much he means to his great-grandma but I want him to see that she loved him very much:-)

The flight home was easy. Russell kept his airplane seatbelt on the whole time and didn't run from me in customs. He only made a stink when Dan insisted he sit in the carseat on the drive home. I think Russell liked the idea of not using the carseat on the plane and hoped the car ride would be the same;-)


Cass said...

Glad you had such a good visit "back home" and got to see Wendi and Kelly too! (I'm having lunch with Joy, Lorna, and Sue tomorrow so I can relate to old friends' reunions!)
Now was the Cowichan Bay restaurant "The Rock Cod"? ... we're all going there ourselves this Friday night!

Anonymous said...

I not only feel your pain with an independent little one, I KNOW your pain. Traveling is really difficult because all the rules seem to be different for strong-willed kids. As you know, R loves routine and no matter how fun trips are, he was probably in over-load.

I can see from the pictures that your time was really special in BC. Your grandma is a dear! Love the pictures! -- Alysun

Melissa said...

I'm glad you got to be in BC for a while. I may have taken for granted the visits I had with my grandparents before Gramma pasted away so I hope your time and R's time with great-gramma are super special.

april said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you all had a great time! I love the pictures, especially of you and Russell and where he is by the lake. Thank you also about the story about your grandmother and grandfather, it's been a real help :) I love you and I'll talk to you later!