Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just Life

So here we are in July. I love turning the page on my calendar on the fridge to reveal a (somewhat) clean slate for the next month. I note the upcoming birthdays to make sure I at least get a card in the mail and write in the Sundays that I'm volunteering for nursery. As the month progresses, I write in who is hosting play-date Tuesday and doctor's appointments. Occasionally there are out-of-town weekends to plan and birthdays to attend. By the end of the month, the calendar is blackened with details like phone numbers and addresses and crossed-out days. By the end of the month, I look forward to a new page- a clean page. I guess it is purely psychological, considering next month is really another week. Oh well;-)

Russell and I will be flying direct to Victoria on the 19th. We'll be there until Sunday the 27th. Later on the 27th we'll attend an open house for our friends who are moving to Eugene, Oregon (sniff, sniff, cry openly). We've come to love Anne and Jeff and will miss them and little 'Gace' as she (Grace) is known to Russell.

So, for now, only four days are scratched out on the calendar. I'm looking forward to this summer and the fun we'll have and the days that God will unfold for us.

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Carol Beth said...

Oh, my dream is to be organized enough to remember birthdays, some day. I guess maybe I should actually try....