Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet Treats

Summer time has always been the perfect time for sweet treats- namely, ice cream. I remember as a child, my parents would buy the 4L buckets of neopolitan ice-cream and we each would scoop out our favorite flavor instead of taking all three.
We don't buy too much ice-cream for the very fault that it gets eaten but when Dan was fixing our car battery the other night (it had died during the day), I asked him to pick up a box of treats. It has been in the mid-high 90's this week and we don't have A/C. It has been a bit of a problem for Russell because when he gets too hot his nose bleeds. It doesn't bleed badly but he rubs his nose and then he sees the blood. Thankfully, we still had some Drumsticks left in the box and Russell quickly forgot his plight. Not a bad remedy!


april said...

That's a great remedy! Mmmmm! I want some ice cream!

Aly sun said...

Too bad about the nose bleeds. My cousin used to get them terrible in the summer time. I'm glad you found something to take his mind off the crisis at hand. Good luck braving the heat.