Monday, June 01, 2009

My Helper

Since the maid quit (ha- ya, I wish!) and I don't always have the energy to actually do the housework, Russell's desire to help out has become, well, helpful:-) He loves the laundry, especially. I turn on the water and he fills up the washer. Later, when the dryer is finished, he is the one to pull everything out and pile it on the couch to be sorted- it saves my back a few extra bends:-)

He is also helpful taking plates off the table and on occasion, setting out the silverware as well.

As Russell grows older, his strong will becomes apparent, and we dislike having to discipline him, so I love the time we spend together when all is calm and sweet- and helpful. Someday, his wife will thank us;-)

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UnicornMommy said...

Does Russell know that you are pregnant? How did you tell him? How far along were you?

BagMomma said...

We give David lots of little jobs like that too. He loves it. Now that he's six, he can do more complex jobs, and really is proud of himself when he's done.

Russell is at a great age to start getting involved. If anything, it's a great self-esteem builder.

Aly sun said...

I love this stage where helping is fun! Emma just recently realized that chores are sometimes work. Welcome to the real world. Glad Russell is a help, he sure is a cutie!

Kevin, Jennifer, Hana & Alaina Norman said...

Aww, that is so sweet. Their little actions are so helpful!

Photogrl said...

So cute!

Miss O. loves to help out, too. Her favorite "chores" are dusting and laundry.

I LOVE YOU said...