Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Season, new clothes

If I were to chose my favorite item of clothing to wear indefinitely, it would be a denim skirt. Last year, I looked high and low for a nice denim maternity skirt and there was none to be found (stylish, not Amish) except for one at the Gap for $40. I ordered it online and proceeded to wear it until I was almost 9 months pregnant. That's what I call "getting your money's worth."
This year, I'm still post-baby body and my regular denim skirts don't fit. I checked out and they had a pencil-skirt for $60. Old-Navy had more than a few mini-skirts (which only look good on nobody, so why do they sell them??) and this one with a draw-string. Since this skirt was only available online, I didn't mind buying it sight-unseen, otherwise it would have been nice to take an hour or two and shop inside of a store.

I also bought a pair of capris. This is a leap of faith for me. Again, the pair I ordered was available 'online only' so let's hope for the best! I've only owned one pair of capris in my lifetime and every time I wore them, I just felt like I was wearing shrunken pants.

So, here's to spring and longer days and sunnier days! I've been waiting for this since last fall;-)


C. Beth said...

That is really cute! Hope you get lots and lots of use out of it. :)

Birdie said...

Yeah for spring!! I love the skirt. It makes me want to go get a new denim skirt too!

Aly sun said...

You crack me up. "Shrunken pants." I remember one time I tried on capri pants and a cropped jacket together. Ooh, boy not a good look.

You have too nice of legs to hide them in capri pants. I hope you love the skirt and that it fits nicely. It's so important during this "transition-where-is-my-body?" phase.

Renee said...

funny...I've taken to shopping on line too. so much easier.

E said...

Not everyone can wear capris. I like the ones that are tight to the leg, otherwise they make me look too big.

I love to wear yoga pants. I can wear them year round...actually I do, lol. It is hard for me to find ones that are long enough though. I am not overly tall (almost 5'6) but majority of pants are too short on me for some reason. I love Victoria Secrets for this reason.

Choco Girl said...

LOL! "Mini skirts...which look good on nobody..." that's funny!