Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trip to the Mall

I haven't been to our indoor mall since before Camille was born. I think I was there for a hair-cut in August? Hmm. It's been awhile at least. Today I landed there with the two kiddos in tow for a 10am appointment with the Picture People. I waited until we were in the studio to put on Camille's dress (over her onesie/leggings) as I wanted to avoid any last minutes spit-ups and Russell changed into his collared shirt to avoid the wrinkles that come from his continual movement;-)

Short story: good photos and happy children= happy mama. While waiting for our photos to be uploaded/edited for viewing, we detoured over to See's Candies for a sample and then to the Lego store for a prize. Without Russell's co-operation, I wouldn't have been able to get a picture of the two kids together (and happy). I bought him a new Lego kit for $12 and the fun he's had with it in the last few hours has been worth the money. I have a feeling that the two little Lego kits he has will only multiply in the years to come.

We have to wait to receive our prints since their printers weren't working. The Picture People reps asked if I could return at a later date to pick up the prints. With a smile and a firm 'no' I suggested kindly that the package be mailed to me. For the few dollars I dropped in their cash register, it wouldn't hurt them.

Next wonderful expensive gift? A lovely camera. Suggestions welcome.


Melissa said...

I don't recommend the small chunky FujiFilm as it's not a point and shoot.
Canon and Nikon are the best but$$$$. Check out the reviews by customers, they're priceless.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Good for you telling them to mail it! The only thing is that I hope the pictures don't get damaged in the mail! But yeah, they should not ask you to come back to pick up the pictures. It's hard enough just getting out of the house with two kids. Geez!

We have a basic digital Canon, and we love it. I think it might have been around 130 dollars at Target. For what we're using it for, it's perfect. I'm not trying to be a professional photographer -- just a mom documenting our kids' lives. So for that, it's perfect!

Aly sun said...

A motivated smiler is the best smiler (especially for preschoolers). Yay for Legos.

If you want a good point and shoot, check out the Canon Powershot S5. You can do some much manual with it (if you want). Ivoryhut, an amazing blogger, photographer, traveler uses one of these.

If you are going with an intro SLR, I recommend Canon because many of the pros I know think that the auto features are better on Canon vs. Nikon. Both are fantastic cameras. I see Rebels on Craig's List all the time as photographers move on to bigger, more expensive models.

Photogrl said...

Yay for good pictures! That's a quite the feat with two!

Thanks for asking about my cake recipe, I don't mind sharing! I'll try to email you out my chocolate cake recipe over the next few days.

Anonymous said...

We love our Nikon D60...very easy to use and we get great results!