Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy Month of May

Nashville (May 20-24th)

No, this is not Greece, this is Nashville, Tennessee. I left Russell and Dan for four days to visit my longtime friend Laura. Alysun flew in from Portland with her little girl, Mandy. Russell spent Tuesday and Friday with friends, and Dan took care of him on Wednesday and Thursday.

Laura was a wonderful hostess and we enjoyed her home and her food:-) We visited the Opry, did some shopping, and drove by some fancy Southern mansions. I missed my boys but was glad not to have Russell on the long plane trips;-)
Memorial Day/Weekend

Above: this year- second cousins Timothy (4.5), Trevor (7m), Russell (2yr), Joanie (3.5y), Julia (1.5yr). We drove to Lodi on Sunday afternoon and stayed the night with Dan's cousins and we BBQ'd the next day. These are the only cousins that are Russell's age. The cousins in Colorado are 13, 12, and 9.
Below: last year's cousin picture...

SF Zoo- Tuesday

Yesterday, we met up with Russell's little friends at the zoo. We'd never been to this zoo and were excited to see it.

The tiger exhibit is glassed in to add 4' to the existing wall. The big cats were resting when we saw them. I can't imagine getting chased by one of these kitties!!

Mrs. Lion lives here

The gang: Russell (his hat was in the car. Oops.), Jack, Claire and Grace. Little Maddie joined us later for lunch with her mom, Julie.


Aly said...

GReat pictures. It looks like you had a very busy week!

melissa said...

Is Russell sitting on a hippo statue thing?? Looks like a hippo, sorta.
Thanks for posting the pics. Are there more?

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

I put more pictures of Nashville on Facebook. Also, Alysun (see link) has more pictures. She has a nice camera and took great pix.