Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just as an update, the bloodwork taken last week resulted in normal/negative results:-) Dan and I still haven't done the DNA tests, though. The dr. isn't too worried about those since we had a healthy, live birth.

Total tests done:
Factor V Leiden- negative
Homocysteine- normal (5.6)
MTHFR (hetero- A1298C)
Protein C- normal (88)
Protein S- normal (62)
Prothrombin 20210- negative

cardiolipin- negative
lupus anticoagulant- negative
PTT Screen (LAC)- 45 (above normal, but corrected with DRVVT screen to 32)
3rd gen. TSH= 2.41 (normal)
Progesterone= 21.3 (normal)
Anti-Nuclear Antibodies- negative
Blood glucose- 83 (normal)
mycoplasma hominis- negative
ureaplasma urealyticum- negative
complete ultrasound

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