Thursday, May 01, 2008

South Lake Tahoe

Our friends, Mike and Julie (and little Maddie), invited us to go with them to Tahoe for a few days. We crammed ourselves and the kids into a mini-van and off we went. We arrived late Sunday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday at noon. Travelling together made the trip a lot easier to entertain the kiddos.

Hiking behind the hotel room...
Walking the short path down to the beach...

Mike and Julie and little Maddie. Thanks for the invitation!!

Classic 'self portrait'!

Filling his shoes with sand.

Doing wheelies with Maddie in the stroller. She didn't seem to mind;-)

Russell scampered up onto the table before we even noticed:-) He loved being outdoors.

Russell was being a negative influence on Maddie. She was mesmorized by 'Curious George.'

We drove home via the north side of the lake. The wind was very cold on Tuesday but it made for a picture perfect photo shot. Dan and I had never been to Tahoe before this weekend and it gave us the desire to return later on, maybe to do some camping. Russell enjoys being outside so much but next time we'll need to bring the sunscreen.


april said...

What a nice getaway! I really like the picture of Russell looking at the lake sitting in the sand. That's such a cute picture!

april said...

And now you and Dan are pasted to my computer :) Love the picture!

Polly Gamwich said...

beautiful pics ... scenery and people!!

Aly said...

Beautiful pictures. I was at Tahoe many, many years ago. Your pictures reminded me that I have always wanted to return. Glad you had fun!

Aren't mini-vans practical and fun?