Friday, June 27, 2008

Room Time

This is not a picture I see very often. Russell didn't even wake up when I took the pictures! Earlier in the week, I was feeling miserable and sick and very tired and so Russell ended up in his crib. When I tried to lie on the couch and watch him play, he just looked in my face and yelled, "Mommy, awake! Mommy, awake." So, off to each of our rooms we went. He yelled for a little while longer and then, silence. After about 30 minutes of resting, I looked in on him and found him sleeping. It was 10:20am.


Aly said...

A break in routine. Sometimes it is for the best. Feeling better? I hope so. I thought of you so often last week, prayed for you, that must be why.

april said...

I hope you are feeling better hillary! And I can see Russell do that..I know it's not funny when you're not feeling well..but I laughed a little bit. Sorry. I'm glad that you got to rest though. and that picture, once again, is adorable with all his buddies.