Sunday, June 08, 2008

Just Life

Today, only 30 minutes into the church service, we were paged (i.e. for Russell). It has been over a year since this has happened. He loves his 'class' (trains, toys, and yes, Play-Doh). I figured he had got hurt. Dan left and came back a few minutes later. The class helpers had noticed that Russell was chewing on something and yes, it was the Play-Doh. They couldn't get any more out of Russell's mouth and hoped that Dan could. By the time he got there, Russell had swallowed it. Later, we met a friend out on the patio. He mentioned that he had showed Russell how to roll pieces of Play-Doh to make cookies. It figures! At least the stuff isn't toxic;-)


melissa said...

Boys will be boys eh? Didn't you eat funky stuff when you were that age?

Kevin, Jennifer & Hana Norman said...

Kevin said Russell was really into making his play dough cookies. I think I know who won't be asked to babysit anytime soon ;)!

Aly said...

I found Mandy drooling blue the other day. It was a small bit of play doh that Mandy found on the floor, and of course ate. Although it is not toxic, the liquid form stained my carpet.

That is pretty funny -- to get called out or church for a play doh incident.

Carol Beth said...

Oh, man, nearly at least every other week after church, the childcare worker updates me on what Ana ate. Yesterday it was Play-Doh. Crayons are, of course, also popular. Oh, and she was apparently licking the carpet yesterday too. Good times.

I'm enjoying your blog and have it bookmarked--thanks! :) Check out mine if you haven't yet.