Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Fun

Our neighbors are doing their late spring cleaning, and we are the lucky recipients. Their kids are older (8 and 12) and have no use for this little car. Needless to say, Russell loves this car. He even insists on using our (real) car keys to drive it (it has an ignition slot).

This past week has been HOT. I love the warm weather and the summer time. On Friday, Russell and I and another mom/toddler went swimming. Russell wore his sock the whole time because the cement was so hot. He liked playing on the steps and only protested slightly when I held him in the deeper water. My hopes are that by the end of the summer, he'll be more comfortable with the water and we can do a Mommy & Me swim class in the fall.

I wish I could always remember these times. Already, we find ourselves reimissing about his baby days and cute things that he used to do. I try and remember that "today's moments are tomorrow's memories."


Aly said...

So true. It is easy to take life for granted. Socks in the pool on a hot summer day -- these are the things memories are made of.

Emma says, "oh, nice car!."

april said...

He looks like a little model. He's cute! Yes, enjoy the moments!