Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's That Time of the Year...

Yes, it is that time of the year... brisk, cool days, fall colours on the trees, and the unveiling of the winter wardrobe. And. Desserts. Lots of yummy desserts. From Halloween candy to pumpkin cheesecake (pictured above. Thanks, Martha!) and gingerbread, it is coming.

In the past, I've spent the ten weeks from October to January gaining the lovely pounds and then I've spent the next forty trying to lose and then maintain. You do the math. Is it worth it? (Well... cough, cough, I mean no!) I've always struggled to keep the weight off since I don't have the 'eat-whatever-you-want-whenever' genes.

We've started to try and curb the dessert fest early by only making baked goods on Fridays and then allowing the left-overs to be the only sweets for the weekend (fruit excluded, of course). I asked Dan to back me up on this one since I like to use him as a great excuse to bake (food= love, right?) If you were to look at my favorite recipes, nine out of ten would be desserts. The other few are vegatable dishes with cheese sauces. Eek.

So, that is my goal this fall/winter. Try and find more vegatable recipes (without cheese sauce) and not to consume too many empty calories (how can they be empty when they seem so heavy later?). Watching Russell's consumption of sugar has weighed on my mind as well, since he eats what we eat. I must admit, it is a lot harder to eat a garden salad in the winter time than the summer. Steamed veggies, here we come!


Aly sun said...

I am all there for cheesy veggies and dessert. Looks wonderful. I did really good last year when I was trying to lose weight and didn't consume any sugar for a month. It's so much easier if you set a goal and have people to back you up, instead of just saying you want to cut back. I like the once a week idea -- very achievable. Russell is definitely passed the age of convincing he doesn't want dessert.

Melissa said...

There are 2 Campbell's recipes I enjoy that are vegetable casserole/side dish meals. One is a curry cauliflower and the other is green bean casserole with the crunchy French's onions on top. The curry one is very mild. Caitlin's been making that one for the Thanksgiving meals lately and my aunt makes the green bean one...neither of them have cheese in it. Give it a try?

april said...

Once a week desserts is a great idea! I wish I had that motivation. But when you have an adorable boyfriend who asks "if it is that time of the month" and you are standing in front of a Godiva chocolate store and that's one of the ways he shows his love and can I resist? Just a couple of dark chocolates. He's the man ;-)

Melissa said...

I just want to correct the comment I made earlier...the Curry Cauliflower recipe is not a Campbell's recipe but if you want it I'll pass it onto you. We had it for Thanksgiving and it's yummy and I'm not a curry person.

Glenn+Jenn+Owen+Ian said...

Hillary, I've seen a couple cookbooks/reference books lately about vegetables that were recommended by our CSA. See if the library might have these for inspiration:

Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini: The Essential Reference: 500 Recipes, 275 Photographs - by Elizabeth Schneider

The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without by Mollie Katzen (I have two of her cookbooks, outstanding)

Happy cooking!