Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Wonderful News!
The San Francisco 49ers have already made a coaching change this season. Now they apparently have their eyes on an even more high-profile front office move.

The 49ers have expressed interest in Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a possible candidate for team president, reported.

"If she's interested in talking to us, I'm interested in talking to her," one high-ranking 49ers official told Rice has expressed a desire to be an NFL team president as recently as last week, according to the report.

Rice has already indicated that she will return to Stanford in January, a school where she served as provost from 1993-99, which would put her in the northern California area.

Rice has a long and documented interest in football, and has often been asked football questions during otherwise political interviews.


In light of Condoleezza Rice moving back to Stanford, guess where I'm going to be taking Russell to play during the lunch hour? I'd love to meet her one day! (April, you can scout with me;-)


C. Beth said...

Very interesting and so weird for me to imagine since I only know her from politics. What does a team president do?

That would be SO cool if you got to meet her!

april said...

I would love to go scout with you! She is the best!