Monday, October 27, 2008

Off to Texas

Yesterday after church, we dropped Dan off at the San Jose airport for his flight to Austin, TX. There are three direct flights on American Airlines each day since Austin also has a high-tech sector and there is a demand for direct flights. SFO doesn't have direct flights to Austin, although we do prefer that airport.

So, tomorrow, the little man and myself will be in route as well. Dan called last night to let us know there was an indoor pool so Russell is very excited and already has his swimsuit out. Let's see if he actually uses it!

I plan to visit my Camp Tejas friend, Linda, and new friend Beth. I really want to visit two friends in Houston as well but since the drive each way to Houston is 3hrs, it seems a little much to squish into a two-day-trip. Hmm. We'll see. I wouldn't think about it twice if I was a single woman without a toddler in the back seat. Texas is a beautiful state to 'roadtrip' through and I really enjoyed the two summers I worked there (April-August, 2000 and 2001).

Back next week...