Friday, September 12, 2008

Autumn Beginnings

This Sunday is the 'kick off' at church of the new season. Like school, the church mimics the start of new classes and care groups and such. Last Sunday, we moved Russell up from the toddler nursery to the 2.5yr-3.5yr class, which basically means less toys and more structure.

I remember the close of summer as a child. Dad would be off to school to prepare for the fall and we'd anticipate what teachers we'd have. It was a time of saying good-bye to the summer and warm weather, and hello to the long pants and sweaters once again. Russell (whether by Nature or Nuture) is similar to me in this way. When the morning is clouded by the fog, Russell says, "sun come back? Clouds move away!" Yes, definitely my child. We thrive in the sun/warmth. He plays with his cars and blocks in the sunny areas of the carpet.

The fall is also a time of anticipation for us. Our anniversary vacation, Canadian Thanksgiving/ Columbus Day get-togethers, Halloween fun for the kids, American Thanksgiving, and of course, my birthday:-) Christmas follows as well but I enjoy the family gatherings moreso than the gifts. I know I sound 'old' when I say the gifts matter less now, but I'd rather we'd spend the money on a great vacation and fun times. How many of us remember what we got last Christmas? Maybe next winter we could do Hawai'i??

Russell has a copy of the book, "My Little Book about God" by Eloise Wilkin (we all had a copy, I'm sure!). There is a little phrase in there that reads, "God gives us memories of yesterdays, so that happy times and people we love, we can keep with us always in our hearts." This is very true!

So, as I mourn the passing of another summer and the warm days and short nights, it is wonderful to look forward as well to know that more wonderful moments will be coming our way, and that yes, summer will come once again.