Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Life Uncomplicated...

Over the weekend, we started to 'clean sweep' our house. We really have only made one big move (San Diego to here) so we haven't been forced to purge the extras. The next major project I need to work on is getting rid of Dan's Navy uniforms. He wants to keep the formal sets (no problem) but the 'work blues' need to be seam-ripped of ID and other Navy insignias before we get rid of them. No moving truck is coming any time in the forseeable future, but someday it will, and we don't want to have to sort/clean as much when that time comes.

We got rid of:
-cassettes & VHS tapes (we just kept a couple of our favorite movies)
-unused summer clothes and unstylish pregnancy clothes (yes, they do exist!)
-baby swing and Jumperoo (if we need those again, we can just borrow them from other families)
-unread books (always lots of those) and magazines (do you really reread the National Geographics?)

Now that Russell's room is decluttered, we hope (in the next few months) to put a twin bed in there. He'll be out of the crib soon. When we put the crib away in Russell's closet, we'll sort the closet at that time. It has all the camping equipment which we hope to use next summer (Yosemite, maybe??).

Living in 1040 sq. ft. has its' disadvantages but overall, we still love our little place. It works for our family. Although I do envy certain houses/yards in the area, I find that people that own homes still use the city parks just as much as we do.

The small space we have also limits Russell's amount of toys and books. Interestingly enough, Russell really only plays with his Matchbox cars and classic wooden blocks. He parks and reparks his cars for hours. No exaggeration. Since he can now identify all uppercase alphabetical letters, he is excited to 'match' up the blocks and cars (i.e. the loader is parked by the L, the tractor by the T). He is so excited to know the letters (we're still working on the lowercase) and numbers 1-10. We went into Old Navy yesterday and Russell was shouting out all the numbers he saw on the large-labelled signs. Fun times.

I guess once we finish purging, it will be potty-training time...


Aly sun said...

Strangely, I am envious of your small space that forces you to purge. I find that the more space I have, the more clutter I fill it with. I am proud of you for purging. Even the baby stuff that I am sure was hard, but you are right. You can always borrow from a friend like me who keeps it all just in case.

I am so impressed with Russell's letters and numbers! Amazing. I always knew you and Dan would have a super smart kid.

Carol Beth said...

Good for you! I need to get motivated to do more purging. Did some when we moved last year but there's plenty more I should get rid of.

Cass said...

Oh, I absolutely love decluttering and love to hear others doing it too! We had a garage sale this past weekend and got rid of some stuff ... gave the rest to Sal Army ... and good riddance! If it's not being used ... and we DO move too much to want to lug these boxes around any more than we have too.

(though now we've bought a new mess of stuff for the baby so I still think we're even ... ha!)

april said...

Good for you, for decluttering! It's an amazing feeling for sure!

Oh, I wish I was there to get some of those National Geographics from you..aww man! I guess it's time for a visit, eh?