Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our 'not so' little boy

Little Russell isn't so little anymore. He sleeps without the crib rails and sits at the table without his blue booster seat. His verbal abilities are improving almost daily and he likes to set the table (i.e. set out the forks and knives). He is so precious to us.

Last Saturday, I spent an hour at the local thrift store (for those of you local, call me if you want to know where it is). I like buying Russell's clothes there because of the low prices ($1-$2) and great finds (Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy). I am now buying 2T-3T clothing for him for the cold winter/spring season. The funny thing is that I am finding that most of the toddler's clothing's tags have names printed on them. I suppose that the parents labelled the clothing because they sent their child to daycare and didn't want it to be lost. Poor Russell will grow up with 'Johnny' and 'David' and 'Sammy' written on his labels;-)


Cass said...

Wow, he IS getting so big, Hillary! Somehow these wee ones just suddenly pop into little boy skin overnight ...!

Melissa said...

He is super grown up since I last saw him...he was still pushing his ride-on toy to help him walk...and using your cupboards to stay up...he sure is growing fast.

The Atkins Family said...

I love thrift store buys. They grow so fast it isn't worth it to buy all new clothes all the time. I think it's the same thrift store we visit, but I've found some of our favorite finds there. We love hand-me-downs, too. :)