Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good News

Apparently, our insurance company will pay for 50% of consultations, ultrasounds, IUIs, and some of the medications at the RE clinic. Apparently.

I received the letter from our HMO a few days ago that provided us with this information even though it contradicts the information I received from the insurance company this past spring. Hence, my scepticism. I need to call the insurance company to clarify the confusion.

On another note, Dan only has $400 left of his student loan. That will be the end of the last 12 years of repayment. Our university plan for Russell? Stay beneath the $80K 'poverty' level and send Russell to Stanford for free.


Carol Beth said...

YAY!! I recently within a few days of each other got a check from our pediatrician and one from our insurance company--I think both were due to issues I had appealed in writing. There's over $130 back into our pockets. So always appeal anything you even think MIGHT get approved. Keep us posted and I'll keep praying!

april said...

That is too cool Hillary! I'm sorry that I haven't called yet! Russell will be able to go to Stanford?! That would be awesome!