Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pismo Beach

After church on Sunday, we loaded up the car and drove south on the 101 to Pismo Beach. It was about a 4hr drive but time passed quickly. Russell had come down with a cold on Saturday morning, so he was loaded up with Tylenol in the back seat.
Once we descended out of the California hills onto the coastline, Russell yelled, 'beach! beach' until we check into the hotel and our car was successfully parked at the boardwalk. He was so happy with his pail and shovel. He loves the beach but is adamant about not getting his shoes/feet wet. Go figure.
Our hotel is the white one above. Accurately described, it had "ocean views." We had to take a short walk alongside the ridge to get to the beach-access stairs but it was no problem. Russell could do it.

Yours truly. The water was really nice and it would have been fun to have a few friends to enjoy the water with me. Dan and Russell are not big water/swimmer/ocean people;-)

California natives: the pelicans. There were hundrends of these birds flying and diving continually.

Dan with his coffee and Russell with his milk and Cheerios. Since Russell was under the weather (read: grouchy, whiny), he wasn't into exploring the locals towns with us. We stayed close to the hotel and relaxed on the beach.

On Wednesday morning, we packed up and returned home. Russell didn't realize we were going home (I wonder where he thought we were going??) until we reached our neighborhood and then he shouted, "No go home! No go home! Room! Room!" (for his hotel room). Ahh. Welcome home!


Carol Beth said...


Cass said...

What a beautiful location for your getaway! Happy family anniversary trip ... glad you had such a great time together.

Aly sun said...

It looks so lovely. I would go swimming with yoU!

Emma always gets mad when we return home from vacation as well. She cries, "Why we not live here?" when we are getting ready to leave the hotel. I wonder the same thing.

So glad you had a good time and even Russell's cold forced you to relax.

april said...

Oh it looks like you all had a great time! Good story and great pictures! Love it! Russell is growing up so big. I can't wait to visit! Yipee!

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing your pics! How lovely!

Anonymous said...

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