Monday, January 12, 2009

Box Tops for Education

For years, I've noticed the Box Tops on a lot of products. I like clipping coupons, points (on Pampers) and patronizing companies that give me triple points on our Alaska Airlines credit card. I like the incentive programs as long as they don't cost me money and I benefit in the long run (think "free airline tickets"). I started clipping the Box Tops last year because I kept thinking that someday I could donate them (the expiry dates are usually 1-2 years in the future).

Well, that time has come. With the state in bankruptcy and (supposedly) issusing IOU's instead of state refund checks during tax season, the schools are suffering as well as most publically funded programs. I thought as a church we could collect as many as possible and donate them to the school that is our 'semi-annual' project (usually one in May, and one in November). If 200 people donated 100 Box Tops at 10c/top, that is $2000 for the school. Not a whole lot, but not too bad, either.

For my friends out of the area that would like to contribute as well, that would be wonderful! I still have to talk with the organizers at church about structuring this idea but if you could start saving now, the Box Tops add up quickly. It would be so great if in May, we could hand a needy school a few thousand dollars and help support a few more kids in the learning process:-)

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Aly sun said...

It works so well when everyone does their part. Good work.