Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas 2008

We landed in Victoria the evening of the 24th. The Island was under snow and ice so we rented a rental car since my parents couldn't get out of their subdivision. We stayed with my grandmother for the night and the next day. My parents and sisters finally were able to make it to Victoria on the 26th and that is when we had our Christmas. Snowy-ist Christmas since early 1970's.


For those who know my family, you might have noticed the new BF? We picked Kris up from the ferry on the 26th and we had our Christmas meal all together. Kris is a great guy, has an upbeat spirit, and is all-around smart.

The men in my life:-)

The first family picture in four years, courtesy of Kris.

Snow everywhere. Too bad it doesn't stay on the trees longer.

Russell loved to make footprints in the snow. The snow at my parents' house was too deep for him, but my grandmother in Victoria always has less, and this suited Russell just fine!

On Sunday, the 28th, we went to the Mainland for my mom's extended family Christmas. Above, Russell with Dan and my uncle Steve.

Pretty women, truly!
We came back to the Island on Tuesday and spent one more night at my parents and one more night at my grandmother's house before flying back on the 1st. Typical holiday delays in the airports but alls well that ends well. We had a wonderful vacation and a nice way to celebrate the Christmas season. Here's to another eventful year!


Aly sun said...

I love that family picture. Great to see everyone together. Andrea has changed from the little girl I remember. You and your sisters are so beautiful.

I enjoyed seeing the pictures and am glad you are back and had a good time in the SNOW!

Choco Girl said...

I agree with alysun, you ladies are beautiful. Andrea's BF is cute! I'm glad you like him. I'm also glad you had such a nice time with your family!

Grad3 said...

Wow, all that snow! Great family pics- it sounds like it was great time :)

Welcome home!

Photogrl said...

Lots & lots of snow...we had a green Christmas here :(

Glad to hear that it was a good visit!

Polly Gamwich said...

Glad you're home safe and glad you had a great time with family.

Melissa said...

Great pics! Glad to see you got a new family pic taken.