Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Day in the City

Notice anything (well, anyone) missing? We left Russell at his friend Owen's house for a few hours and went into the city for lunch and a fun afternoon. I think the city is more enjoyable in the fall when the skies are clear from fog and the majority of tourists have returned home. The streets definitely were "hustling and bustling" but without a stroller and child, it was a picnic. It has been three years since we landed in this foreign city and we like it more as we get familiar with it. This is the tree in Union Square... (try counting the total number of individual Christmas trees on this posting)...

And Macy's- what a wonderful store! The Cheesecake Factory is on the top floor and we enjoyed every bite of lunch and Dan even managed a piece of cheesecake. We had a nice time talking and not rushing our meal.

We took a Christmas-decorated cable car over to Fisherman's Wharf. It was almost deserted.

The tree at Fisherman's Wharf.

White? Snow? No. Just bird dung. This is the only 'white' you'll see around here!!

Crab nets, just resting on the docks. Obviously, the crab-fishermen are resting, too.

The afternoon sun setting on Alcatraz.

True to his Navy roots, we found a submarine- probably the only one- in 500 miles;-) It was in use from 1943-1945. It had 75 men on it at one time but the poster board didn't show any berths. If we had taken the tour, maybe we would have seen them? Even the sub had a Christmas tree...

Did you count the number of individual Christmas trees? There are four!


Kevin, Jennifer & Hana Norman said...

Looked like a perfect day! Our visit to the city to see the Christmas trees lasted only 45 minutes with Hana. What a nice great idea to leave Russell behind and make a date of it!!

Cass said...

San Fran looks great! - for a non-snowy city!!

Glad you and Dad had a fun adults only day, it sounds like you had a fantastic time...!

Esther said...

Dan, Hillary and Russell - I've enjoyed viewing your website and will put it in my Favorites to check in again once in a while.
Happy Holidays to you 3!
Love, Aunt Esther

Alysun said...

I loved all the holiday pictures. The trees are awesome. Jeff and I went out with BOTH kids on Sunday for a Christmas concert and a little shopping. Jeff remembered how to open my car door. It was great!