Saturday, December 22, 2007

Prepping for Christmas

Dan and Russell- wires and more wires!

Even in 37F temperatures, this boy needs his walk.

We opened Russell's present from Aunt Bev and Uncle Kurt early! Russell loves skipping on it. He will learn to jump on it eventually.

I remade the Chewy Molasses Cookies after I realized that the recipe read '1/2 sticks of butter' and not '1/2 cups of butter.' Oops. It is a wonder I have a chemistry degree! I knew Martha couldn't let me down. I also made the two Swedish Tea Rings:-) I started baking them annually in high-school but I haven't in the last few years, so it is nice to be back in the baking game. I don't bake bread except for the rare occasion.


Anonymous said...

Hillary, nice cookies and that bread looks amazing! Jenn

alr said...

Those tea rings look amazing!! You've got some baking skills, girl! You've inspired me to look into Martha Stewart's recipes more. =)

melissa said...

Great pics! Who will beat who in posting Christmas pictures???

Check out my blog in the next few days k. Merry Christmas!

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