Friday, December 21, 2007

Signs of the Season

Here is a list of some 'Signs of the Christmas Season' that I've noticed:

1. Vastly overstocking of celery, yams, and potatoes in Safeway.
2. The UPS driver towing a U-Haul with his UPS truck.
3. The FedEx driver driving a Budget rental truck.
4. A small-ish tree missing from the park (yes, the stump is still there!). Someone is a little cheap and dishonest!
5. No parking spaces at the post office.
6. Hearing the same Christmas song on the radio more than three times in one day.
7. Receiving many anticipated cards/letters/pictures from friends and family.
8. The empty rack of egg-nog in the grocery store.

There is so much to notice in everyday life:-) All it takes is a little observation!