Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

We started our Christmas week with a stroll down one of the nicely lit streets on the Peninsula. The word 'decorated' doesn't even describe these homes... maybe the name "Griswald's" does! Most of the homes are beautiful but there are some owners that just stuck everything they could outside on the lawn;-)

During the 6-week show, this owner spends $4000 on his home and the adjoining home, also of which he owns.

On Christmas Eve, we co-hosted an evening dinner, complete with turkey, trimmings, and tiramasu. We met a new couple that our friends had brought with them. The six of us had a wonderful evening and Russell was a saint, playing on the floor quietly with his toys. Yeah!!
The next morning...

On Christmas morning, we (yes, us) opened Russell's gifts. Maybe next year he'll comprehend all the unopened gifts. Andrea had his name in the 'name draw' and gave him two Fisher Price trucks:-) Dan's parents had sent the FP airplane, so the set was complete! I was surprised to see that the toys came complete with batteries.

Russell and his gifts: three new Thomas trains, three Matchbox airplanes, and the FP toys. (Not shown: Russell's huge Thomas the Train play-house. See video below...)

Finally, it was our turn:-) I received much needed shoes and Dan bought me a gorgeous coat. Dan used the money sent by parents/grandma to buy something for his computer...

After opening our gifts, we headed out to Lodi to visit Dan's cousins. Maria had her family in town so there were 9 adults and 4 children (aged 1-3). It was a full household but we were so grateful to our cousins to open their hearts and home to us. Russell loved the little tree and the red chair...

We stayed overnight in a hotel and enjoyed the next morning with Jon and Maria. After lunch, we headed home and back to our little place.

Since we didn't leave town this year, it was a nice and restful break. Dan starts his new job in two weeks and he needed a quiet vacation. We antipicipate the New Year and all the adventures ahead with a 2-yr-old little boy! Hope your holidays were enjoyable and that you have more memories to smile over:-)


melissa said...

hey hill,
i beat you to posting christmas pics. did you check mine out??

some of those houses are so amazingly decorated! I believe it was $4000 to light them up!! Crazy.

april said...

what a fun time! I looked at your before cookie pics and started laughing as I pictured Russell in my mind circling the cookies wanting to eat them!